• Uniblock orthopaedic/anatomical frame, Bonnel system;
• Non-deformable dual-tapered springs, density 126 units per m², diameter 86 mm, height 13 cm, made with tempered steel wire with a high carbon content (Ø 2.2 mm);
• Different padding for differentiated support on the two sleeping surfaces: rigid and compact for the orthopaedic side, thanks to the use of double thermo-welded felt and weight-bearing polyurethane; soft and flexible for the anatomical side, comprising a felt base, a layer of flexible polyurethane and the overlying part completed with 2 cm of MemorySalus;
• upper padding in soft white fibre that is comfortable in every season. Breathable, hypoallergenic, resilient and insulating (weight 300 g/m²) sewn to the cover on both side with a special positioned quilting machine;
• 16 anti-flattening, high-resistance perimetral supports (LBS);
• Perimetral band with white 3D MultyAir insert, quilted with breathable fibre and strong polyester fabric;
• Both sleeping surface covered with high-resistant Strong Salus Jacquard Grey fabric, that has undergone Sanitized TH 22-27 treatment and sewn with thread comprising Polyester 45%, Nylon 21%, Viscose 17%, Cotton 15% and Cotton Silver 2%, weight 620 g/mtl;
• horizontal handles firmly attached to the sides with a characteristic embroidery;
• ribbon edging to cover seams, strengthened with double stitching.