• Ergonomic Box frame, Pocket 800 system with differentiated capacity in 7 areas;
• Independently functioning springs (Ø 60 mm – 6.5 spire) density 260 units per m², made with steel wire (Ø 1.8/1.9 mm) with high carbon content, individually covered by a fabric wrapping;
• lexible, elastic, comfortable multi-layer padding, made with 2cm expanded polyurethane panels firmly attached to the springs and to the perimetral constraint cushioning, with waterbased glue, all covered by a layer of MemorySalus, 2cm thick, positioned on both sleeping
• High-capacity, breathable Polyurethane perimetral support bar;
• Perimetral band quilted with breathable, hypoallergenic fibre;
• Soft hollow white fibre that is comfortable in every season. Hypoallergenic, resilient and insulating (weight 500 g/m²) sewn to the cover with a special positioned quilting machine;
• Both surfaces covered with Silver Salus Jacquard technical fabric, made with thread that is Polyester 55%, Cotton 44.8% and Silver 0.20%, weight 490 g/mtl;
• horizontal handles firmly attached to the sides with a characteristic embroidery;
• ribbon edging to cover seams, strengthened with double stitching.