• combined water foam resin and high-density memory;
• WaterSalus polyurethane base with rigid lift (thickness 8 cm);
• interspersed with elastic weight-bearing polyurethane (thickness 8 cm) personalised with central aeration channels that split the support area into 7 separate areas;
• Upper padding positioned on the sole resting surface, made in soft visco-elastic MemorySalus D50 material with an Onda 9 zones design (thickness 6 cm);
• Soft hollow white fibre that is comfortable in every season. Hypoallergenic, resilient and insulating (weight 500 g/m²) sewn to the cover with a special positioned quilting machine;
• Perimetral band in single-colour polyester fabric, quilted with breathable, hypoallergenic fibre;
• mattress surface covered with high quality Modern Salus Jacquard fabric, which has undergone B Silver Ag+ sanitisation procedure, made with thread that is Cotton 53%, Polyester 40%, Polypropylene 7%, weight 680 g/mtl;
• horizontal handles firmly attached to the sides with a characteristic embroidery;
• ribbon edging to cover seams, strengthened with double stitching.